• Vault Patch Method

    With the release of HashiCorp Vault 1.9.0, managing secrets has become even more streamlined and efficient. One of the standout features? The ability to update only specified secrets, giving users precise control over their credentials within Vault. Imagine this: You want to update particular field(secret) in Vault location without touching others. Here, I shared a… Continue reading

  • is a shell script which can be used to notify group of people over Slack before TLS certificates expire. Script can check tls certificates in two sources. tls:// and vault://. VAULT_ADDR, VAULT_TOKEN and SLACK_WEBHOOK must be set before the execution. check.txt You can find in my GH repo. Continue reading

  • Vault) script helps you print all secrets inside the KV type secret engine. You can extend the script to search for specific content. For example checking expire date of TLS certificates in your Vault before they expire. You can find in my GH repo. You can find how-to in the repo. Continue reading