Creating VLANs on KVM with OpenVswitch comments


K.C. Callis - Apr 2, 2020

If I have read your posting correctly, I have been pulling my hair out for way too long! I installed ovs on Proxmox, and although I did several IntPort definitions, it was only for virtualized pfSense for a trunk that was I was going to feed to my Cisco switch. After creating the bridge and IntPort, after rebooting the Proxmox host, when I tried to ping to one of the vlans, I could hear the crickets, but not a single packet responding. Now I see that I needed to create a trunk for ovs locally as well as a trunk for pfSense as well. I know that this is not really in line with your posting, but if I have already created the vlans in /etc/network/interface (again with the thought of defining the vlans for pfSense), how does one create a trunk for ovs and how do I add them to /etc/network/interface?

Hello Damien, I really sorry for my late answer. As I was so busy I did not have time to take a look on my blog. I really want to help you… Best way to troubleshoot of your problem is using Wireshark. But At first glance, did you configure the Trunk link, and Vlans correctly both on OVS side and on your Netgear Switch ? Do you have any Topology of your system ?

Hi, Thanks for this write up. I found so many different ones but this one makes pretty good sense, was able to follow. I was wondering how I could get this working with my Netgear GS728TPv2 managed switch? I run pfSense as a VM on my CentOS 7 box. Just having trouble getting OVS to talk with my switch. I have VLANs setup but I know something is missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am sorry but I did not get your point. Why you are combining OVS with Native GNU/Linux Bridge ?