MaaS Mac Filtering


Are you using MaaS for bare-metal server or VM deployments? And you need some mac filtering that you want MaaS to ignore dhcp discovery packages which comes from particular MAC address(es) ? If so, you can simply add similar snippet of isc-dhcp configuration to your MaaS. (Settings > Dhcp Snippets) set the scope as Global.

class "black-list" 
  match substring (hardware, 1, 6);      
  ignore booting;
subclass "black-list" 00:10:9b:8f:31:71;
subclass "black-list" 00:10:9b:8f:31:78;

After adding, enabling and saving it. MaaS will not send any PXEboot reply to system that has the MAC addresses above.

Happy Deployment 🙂