📌 How to Create Red Hat HA Cluster Part -III
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In this post, we will do the actual work to finish cluster configuration such as starting cluster services, configuration of the clustered LVM disk, creating Fail-over domain, resources, and service groups. Two-Node Cluster As it is indicated in the previous posts two-node cluster is a special form of a cluster because of split-brain situations. So we will add special configuration for two-node cluster. 1 2 3 #If you are configuring a two-node cluster, you can execute the following command to allow a single node to maintain quorum (for example, if one node fails): [root@node01 ~]# ccs -h host --setcman two_node=1 expected_votes=1 Starting Cluster Services:

📌 Configuring PAM for crontab
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Because of some strict rules such as PCI DSS compliances, we could not set password for root user to “never expire”. But, when password expires for any account in the Linux systems crontab jobs will not work. Unless, you configure the PAM to run it, or extending root password. Or you need to buy some proprietary software to change root password periodically in the defined period of time. By the way, even your root password has expired, switching to root user from non-root user will still work.