• Encrypting with aespipe

    Hi folks! It has been long time that I did not post anything on my blog.  Actually, I set sail for new adventure, new job– I will move to Wrocław, Poland. So I have many things to do. Anyway. In this post, I write about encrypting a file in Linux. Actually, there are many command… Continue reading

  • SSH Two-Factor Authentication

    Hi Folks! Proliferation of the Internet changes our life that almost anything demands for the Internet. Our personal information, bank accounts, Company’ secrets etc.. So, how we protect our computer systems from intruders ? As you know most common method is password authentication. But People are so inclined to use short passwords. Brute-Force methods prevails… Continue reading

  • Redirecting http to https

    Do you have  a SSL certificated web site and your audience still connects you via  http because of their habit ? Easy way to handle this problem is redirecting http requests to https. By doing that any http requests are redirected to the https. To do that we will use Apache web server (httpd RHEL,CentOS). Apache is… Continue reading

  • Port Knocking

    Port knocking is one of hardening method to prevent unauthorized user access the services. This method ability to externally open ports that, by default, keep closed by firewall. It works by sending TCP packets to predefined closed ports in right order. In my virtual environment, I have two Linux based systems one is Debian8 and… Continue reading

  • Free SSL Certificate

    Q: Is is possible to get free SSL certificate, which is supported by modern web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE etc,. A: Actually, yes you can have free green bar SSL certificates which is supported by modern web browsers. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, open Certificate Authority. But before you have SSL certificate, It… Continue reading