In this short post, I am going to show you how to submit your Oracle jobs from the library and how to monitor your Oracle jobs from the command line. By doing that you can create your automation instead of using Oracle Enterprise Manager web interface. Before issuing any command below, first you need to […]

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Finding ORA and SP2 Errors with grep

In this short post, I will share simple grep style Regular Expression to find Oracle ORA-XXXXX and SqlPlus(SP2-XXXX) errors. Connectionless Session with sqlplus:

Finding ORA Errors:

Finding SP2 Errors:


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Oracle RMAN backup through emcli

In previous post, I mentioned setting of the emcli and resolving of SSL problem. In this post, I will show you how we simply backup using RMAN through emcli. It is necessary to login  successfully to OMS to backup your database. And all necessary privileges should be given to user who logins to OMS. Creating […]

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[Solved]Connection to the current OMS could not be established

Hello Folks, The last week one of our customer wanted to automatize their Oracle backup systems. As an Oracle environment, customer has Oracle 12c. Luckily Oracle 12c designed for the Cloud. Oracle Enterprise Manager is the graphical interface for managing all of  Oracle database environment. Oracle Enterprise Manager has also command line interface which we […]

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