• Kubernetes MetalLB Loadbalancer with BGP mode

    In this post, MetalLB will be used on-premise as a Load Balancer with BGP to expose services on Kubernetes to outsideworld. As you know, if you have applications run on Kubernetes which is on your on-premise, that needs to be exposed to the outsideworld, should use LoadBalancer which is a bit tricky. it is quite… Continue reading

  • Creating Bridges and VLANs with Netplan

    In this post, It will be demonstrated how to create Bridges and VLANs to be used on KVM. In my other post , I already implemented VLANs using Openvswitch. Physical host that I used on this lab is Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana). Netplan is a utility for easily configuring networking on a GNU/Linux systems. You can easily create network… Continue reading

  • Finding Server IMM IP by IPv6 Multicast Address

    Sometimes you may have a situation that IMM does not have a L3 connection that you need to go to Data-center and connect from your laptop to server IMM interface via Ethernet cable. Imagine a situation that your organization infrastructure was not documented very well that you do not know the IPv4 address of IMM… Continue reading

  • Highly available Load-balancer for Kubernetes Cluster On-Premise-I

    In this post, we are going to build highly available HAProxy Load-balancer for our Kubernetes cluster on-premise. For this, HaProxy will be used for external Load-balancer which takes the requests from outside world sends them to Kubernetes worker nodes on which nginx ingress controller listens incoming requests on port 80 and 443. Another curial software… Continue reading

  • LACP Configuration with Cumulux VX Virtual Appliances

    In this post LACP will be configured on Cumulus VX virtual appliance. Test simulated on GNS3 Network simulation. Sample Topology This is the sample network topology to test LACP. Configuration on Both Virtual Appliances for LACP. In this configuration, swp1 and swp2 ports used as a slave ports of LAGG0 on both switches. Configuration on… Continue reading

  • Creating VLANs on KVM with OpenVswitch

    VLAN is a crucial L2 network technology for increasing broadcast domain at the end it gives you better network utilization and security. If you are familiar with vmWare technology you can create a port group on a dVS or Standard switch. But If you need to segregate your network on KVM hypervisor, you need some… Continue reading

  • Write Your own Custom Plugin on checkMK

    he check_mk is a open source monitoring solution with hundreds of checks which enables you to monitor your IT infrastructure. Besides it allows you to configure most of your monitor related activities from the graphical interface called “WATO”. Most of the time it automatically discover the system, once it is added to the check_mk inventory.… Continue reading

  • Connect KVM host over GRE

    Hi Folks, As you may know, Libvirt virtual network switches operates in NAT mode in default (IP Masquerading rather than SNAT or DNAT). In this mode Virtual guests can communicate outside world. But, Computers external to the host can’t initiate communications to the guests inside, when the virtual network switch is operating in NAT mode.… Continue reading

  • Checking Connection without Telnet

    Some of the minimal Linux distributions have no telnet client utility or similar utilities such as nc,ncat unless you install it. Most of time we need to do troubleshooting to check connection if  server/service is accessible. Do not worry–You still have mechanism inside the Linux kernel without installing above utilities. Take a look at below examples and change it… Continue reading

  • Sharing Internet in Linux

    Hi Folks! Today, I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on my personal laptop. But I could not connect to the Internet as Ubuntu does not recognize my wireless driver. After couple of googling I have found my wireless driver .model:Broadcom Limited BCM43142 802.11b/g/n But the problem is how I am going to hook-up to the Internet  to… Continue reading