Connect KVM over GRE

Hi Folks, As you may know, Libvirt virtual network switches operates in NAT mode in default (IP Masquerading rather than SNAT or DNAT). In this mode Virtual guests can communicate outside world. But, Computers external to the host can’t initiate communications to the guests inside, when the virtual network switch is operating in NAT mode. […]

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Windows Server 2012 R2 hangs on the KVM hypervisor

Windows Server 2012 R2 hangs during the installation on KVM hypervisor on Ubuntu . Windows Server 2012 R2 hangs in the installation step. Version of the Virtual Host:

Solution:       Check your Virtual Disk Bus. And change it to SATA.             I finally installed Windows Server 2012 R2 successfully. […]

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VLAN Creation on KVM-I

Creating a VLAN on KVM requires more raw networking knowledge in comparison to VMware world. KVM requires some Linux networking knowledge beside general understanding of computer networks. I did  not see more information on the Internet about that. To fill this gap I write this post. 🙂 Actually there are more than one methods creating […]

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Adding Shared disk on KVM

Hello, In this very short post, I will share with you how to create a shared disk on KVM host ugliest way :). It is prerequisite for the next  post. In the next topic, I will share with you how to build a two-node cluster on RedHat. I will use latest version of CentOS6 for […]

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Mounting QCOW2 Disk

QCOW2 is a disk image format which used by QEMU virtualization software. Install Software:

Create a directory for the mount point.

Mounting qcow2 disk If you do not know the disk partition name you can use bogus partition name. In this case I used “asssd”. guestmount showed me available partitions on the disk. […]

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