• nginx-ingress Websocket Connection

    I had an issue with minio web console that, it stuck at “Loading” message while viewing “Object Browser”. Another issue with portainer that shell console closed immediately. They all sound to me due to the same exact issue. I figured out with help of Browser developer tools, that it logs very same message in the console. Solution: Adding following annotations to… Continue reading

  • Issuing Certificate with cert-manager

    cert-manager is a X.509 certificate controller that allows you issue certificate from variety of certificate issuers and renew certificates automatically before they expire in your containerized environment. You can find more info about installation cert-manager Configuration Once cert-manager is installed first thing to be configured is Issuer or ClusterIssuer. These two resources represent Certificate Authority able to sign certificates in… Continue reading

  • Multinode Kubernetes Cluster with LXC and microk8s

    Multinode Kubernetes Cluster with LXC and microk8s

    In this post, multinode Kubernetes cluster will be built using lxc and microk8s. It is one of the quickest method to deploy multi-node Kubernetes cluster up and running in minutes. Installing LXC You can enable lxc on your system either installing lxc or lxd package. Initial configuration of LXC After installation, initial setup of lxc is necessary,networking and storage e.g. By default LXC uses… Continue reading

  • Kubernetes MetalLB Loadbalancer with BGP mode

    In this post, MetalLB will be used on-premise as a Load Balancer with BGP to expose services on Kubernetes to outsideworld. As you know, if you have applications run on Kubernetes which is on your on-premise, that needs to be exposed to the outsideworld, should use LoadBalancer which is a bit tricky. it is quite… Continue reading

  • Highly available Load-balancer for Kubernetes Cluster On-Premise – II

    In the first post of this series, haproxy and keepalived installed, configured and tested. In this post, two stateless Kubernetes web application will be deployed and domain names will be registered to DNS for these two web applications to test if Load-balancer is working as expected. Note: For my home-lab, I am using the domain For the… Continue reading

  • Highly available Load-balancer for Kubernetes Cluster On-Premise-I

    In this post, we are going to build highly available HAProxy Load-balancer for our Kubernetes cluster on-premise. For this, HaProxy will be used for external Load-balancer which takes the requests from outside world sends them to Kubernetes worker nodes on which nginx ingress controller listens incoming requests on port 80 and 443. Another curial software… Continue reading

  • Minimizing Docker Images with Multistage

    Minimizing Docker Images with Multistage

    When you build your own  docker image from Dockerfile each instruction in Dockerfile creates a new layer to your base image with its all dependencies so that even your very tiny application image size may be in 1GiB  size and it is not desirable in the production environment to be such a big size due to the… Continue reading