• Slack Notification and Opsgenie Alerting in Jenkins

    Alerting/Notification is an essential part of Tech operations to make sure business continuity and mitigating the financial loss. Nevertheless, self-healing platforms(e.g Kubernetes) on the market, there are some cases that human intervention is indispensable. In the mean time, proper alerting/notification system are crucial. E-mail notification quite outdated, and can be easily ignored by Operators due… Continue reading

  • Building Container Image with Buildah

    The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to create OCI compliant container image with Buildah. Building a container image implemented in CI Pipeline using Jenkins and Vault. Buildah is a tool that facilitates building OCI container images. You can also create an image in the docker format. For more information about OCI image specifications… Continue reading

  • Run VMware PowerCLI on your Docker Container

    If you have a vSphere environment in your Infrastructure and want to automate provisioning steps, you are most likely need PowerCLI which mostly requires Windows Guest or supported GNU/Linux guest on your environment. By the way, Terraform also very nice tool to provision new virtual machine, but it is very limited. If you stumble upon… Continue reading

  • VM provisioning with Jenkins and Terraform on KVM

    In this CI/CD activities we are going to provisioning a virtual guest on KVM host using Terraform and Jenkins. Officially, Terraform does not have provider for KVM. But we are going to use third party provider for this. I assume that host that runs terraform able to connect to the KVM hypervisor over ssh without… Continue reading

  • Minimizing Docker Images with Multistage

    Minimizing Docker Images with Multistage

    When you build your own  docker image from Dockerfile each instruction in Dockerfile creates a new layer to your base image with its all dependencies so that even your very tiny application image size may be in 1GiB  size and it is not desirable in the production environment to be such a big size due to the… Continue reading