• Run VMware PowerCLI on your Docker Container

    If you have a vSphere environment in your Infrastructure and want to automate provisioning steps, you are most likely need PowerCLI which mostly requires Windows Guest or supported GNU/Linux guest on your environment. By the way, Terraform also very nice tool to provision new virtual machine, but it is very limited. If you stumble upon… Continue reading

  • Creating a Image for MaaS with Packer

    In this post we are going to build an image with Packer which will be used to deploy via MaaS . After image built and uploaded to MaaS, it can be used to provision virtual machine or deploy OS on Bare-Metal machines. In order to build an image that is deployable with MaaS, we need couple of… Continue reading

  • Provisioning a VM on KVM via Kickstart using virt-install

    virt-install is a command line tool for creating new KVM , Xen, or Linux container guests using the “libvirt” hypervisor management library. It is one of the quickest way to deploy a vm from the command line. In this post I will also show you to install CentOS on KVM via kickstart. In this installation instead… Continue reading

  • MaaS Mac Filtering

    Are you using MaaS for bare-metal server or VM deployments? And you need some mac filtering that you want MaaS to ignore dhcp discovery packages which comes from particular MAC address(es) ? If so, you can simply add similar snippet of isc-dhcp configuration to your MaaS. (Settings > Dhcp Snippets) set the scope as Global.… Continue reading

  • VM provisioning with Jenkins and Terraform(Cloud-init) on KVM

    In previous post , we provisioned the guest on KVM. It is just provisioning the guest from the template… There is no auto configuration of the guest such as hostname, name server, ip configuration that needs to be automated as well. In order to automate configuration of above settings on boot time. we are going to use… Continue reading

  • VM provisioning with Jenkins and Terraform on KVM

    In this CI/CD activities we are going to provisioning a virtual guest on KVM host using Terraform and Jenkins. Officially, Terraform does not have provider for KVM. But we are going to use third party provider for this. I assume that host that runs terraform able to connect to the KVM hypervisor over ssh without… Continue reading

  • Sample Expect Script

    Expect is a programming language for automating systems which expose interactive text terminal such as telnet, ssh, ftp, scp etc,. It is extension to Tcl language. It is created by Don Libes. In this post I will share you sample expect script, which connects list of servers over ssh, executes command and prints it out… Continue reading

  • Packer

    Hi Folks! Introduction: In this post, I will introduce you about packer. Packer is actually open source tool for creating machine and container images for multiple platforms from single source of configuration. As a configuration It uses a json syntax for creating machines for different platforms such as  Amazon EC2, Docker, VirtualBox, VMware etc. Actually I will… Continue reading