• Red Hat Satellite Ansible Dynamic Inventory

    Ansible is one of the easiest configuration management tool amongst its competitors, as it is agentless. It simply connects managed hosts over SSH protocol. Only thing you have to do is create a list of hosts that you want to manage/configure which is called inventory. Ansible inventory is simple text file in a format ini or json. But… Continue reading

  • Sending Mail with Ansible

    Hello, In this short post, I will share you simple ansible playbook to send mail. I wrote this playbook  informing Project Office and Clients about OS system updates. In order for that Ansible has a mail module. Only things we need to define smtp server, smtp server port, Subject, Mail body, sender and recipients. Example… Continue reading

  • Ansible Sample Scripts

    Hello Folks! In this post I will share you some playbooks. Actually, I wrote it before some purposes. You can change it and tweak it :). 1- Apache2 Virtual Host  deployment. It deploys new Virtual Host configuration, enables configuration and checks syntax. If it is everything is all right then restarts an apache2, otherwise rollback. Apache Virtual… Continue reading