Don’t Make Popcorn in Air Fryer!

In the ever-evolving landscape of kitchen gadgets, one appliance, air fryer, has risen to prominence promising to revolutionize the way cook.

In the modern kitchen, where time is precious and health is paramount, innovations in home appliances have become game-changers. One such marvel that has taken the culinary world by storm is the air fryer.

But, like any other home appliances, air fryer could potentially damage when it is not used in accordance with user instruction manual. One example of attempting to make popcorn with air fryer.

In this blog post, I will walk you through steps to find and replace the broken part of air fryer, which was damaged during making popcorn.

High voltage systems can be extremely dangerous, and proper training and precautions are essential when working with them. Any actions taken by readers in relation to high voltage systems are done at their own risk, and the author(s) of this blog shall not be held liable for any consequences thereof.


Air fryer stopped working while make popcorn.

Air fryer owner

Steps to find the issue:

Bottom part of an air fryer opened and following tests are applied to the appliance with a Multimeter.

Bottom part of Air fryer

it was applied conductivity test to following connections.

  • Power cable to On/Off switch(Mechanical)
  • AC input(power cable) to heating element.
  • AC input to Fan.
  • Resistance measurement of fan.
  • Resistance measurement of heating element.
  • AC input to Power Board.

Conductivity tests went Okay except the last one. There was no any indication of AC Voltage to Power board. Consequently, no DC Voltage produced which is required to supply TTL electronic components such as timers, relay control circuits. It turned out that there is definitely conductivity problem that needs to be fixed before going further examination.

Air fryer Power Board

After more digging, It was spotted another heating element and fan at the top of the air fryer.

The same connectivity and resistance test are applied to the fan and heating element. All tests are Okay. But there was one more interesting component which is insulated within the plastic case. After checking schematic of air fryers, it is understood that it is a Thermal fuse, which is a safety device by opening a circuits against overheat.

Bingo !

Conductivity test of thermal fuse was negative. State of O.L. It seems that the component blew up due to overheating.

Damaged thermal fuse(216 °C)

Lucky, I am able to find similar component on the Internet and replaced it with the new one.


After replacement, air fryer works like a charm. 🙂

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