Hello Folks! In this short post, I will show you sending or receiving a file(s) with Z-Modem. Zmodem is a file transfer protocol developed by Chuck Forsberg in 1986 . You can send or receive file(s) with Z-Modem reliably as  it includes 32 bit CRC to ensure error-free data transfer.  It has also functionality for crash recovery. Implementation of Z-Modem in Linux is a lrzsz package. You can install this package with yum.

yum install lrzsz

After install the necessary package on your system sz and rz commands will be available.

sz => Sends one or more files using Z-Modem.
rz => Receiving one or more files using Z-Modem

Experiment: I am using MobaXterm to send or receive a file(s) via Z-Modem. SecureCRT also has a Z-Modem functionality. When you apply sz command on the remote system you transfer your file(s) from remote host to your localhost. When you apply rz command on the remote system you transfer your file(s) from your localhost to remote host.

Receiving a File(s)

Run rz command and press Enter. It will  wait some amount time to send file from localhost  to receive file.

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