Mounting QCOW2 Disk

QCOW2 is a disk image format which used by QEMU virtualization software. Install Software:

Create a directory for the mount point.

Mounting qcow2 disk If you do not know the disk partition name you can use bogus partition name. In this case I used “asssd”. guestmount showed me available partitions on the disk. […]

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Hello Folks! In this short post, I will show you sending or receiving a file(s) with Z-Modem. Zmodem is a file transfer protocol developed by Chuck Forsberg in 1986 . You can send or receive file(s) with Z-Modem reliably as  it includes 32 bit CRC to ensure error-free data transfer.  It has also functionality for […]

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SNMP stands for simple network management protocol. It is used for collecting information, managing network devices such as servers, workstations, printer, hub, switch, router etc., Three versions of the SNMP protocol available.  For security reasons it is highly recommend to use SNMPv3. Because data is  transmitted in clear text in the other versions of SNMP. […]

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