Finding out per process Swap usage

In this post, I will share with you useful shell script to find per process swap usage on your system. Method- 1


Finding Out Memory Usage without adding shared memory (non-shared): smem utility. “Unshared memory is reported as the USS (Unique Set Size).” “The unshared memory (USS) plus a process’s proportion of […]

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L7 LB with HAProxy

HaProxy is a free and reliable software solution for high availability and load-balancing for TCP and HTTP applications. HaProxy has been used many Fortune companies for a long time. It has proved its reliability. In this post I will show you how to create Layer 7 Load-Balancing. You can see below diagram on the Figure-1. […]

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Apache as a Forward Proxy

Proxy Server is a intermediary server that resides between client and  server. All requests originated by client send to the web server through  proxy server.  You can see below diagram with tcpdump analysis.                   Configurations: Proxy Server Configurations(CentOS7) Install apache for using Proxy server.

Create a […]

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Ansible Sample Scripts

Hello Folks! In this post I will share you some playbooks. Actually, I wrote it before some purposes. You can change it and tweak it :). 1- Apache2 Virtual Host  deployment. It deploys new Virtual Host configuration, enables configuration and checks syntax. If it is everything is all right then restarts an apache2, otherwise rollback. […]

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Syslog Server Configuration

Basic Syslog Server Configuration In rsyslogd, different types of modules can be used:■ Input modules: These are modules that have a name starting with im. Inputmodules are used to specify from where rsyslogd will receive messages.■ Output modules: These are modules that have a name starting with om. Bydefault, log messages are sent to the […]

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