Kick Start Questions and Answers

Q1: I configured my kickstart(ks.cfg) network configuration as static IP. But  it reverts to dhcp after installiation. Why?

network  --bootproto static --device=eth0 --gateway --ip --nameserver, --netmask=  --activate
network  --hostname vagrant.tbag.local


Do not forget to add device parameter in your kick start file and it has to be proper device name. If you configure wrong device name it reverts to dhcp after installation. eth0 is wrong device name according to my device  configuration. After proper device configuration(here is ens33) it works.

network  --bootproto static --device=ens33 --gateway --ip --nameserver, --netmask=  --activate
network  --hostname vagrant.tbag.local

Q2: When Kickstart starts dracut  gives me an error like “no space has left on disk….”


Do not use minimal installation ISO. Instead,  Use DVD ISO image !

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